Pro-Palestine Protesters Hold Sit-In at London’s Victoria Station

Demonstrators rallying in support of Palestine held a sit-in at London’s Victoria Station on Saturday November 11. Footage captured by Joumana Medlej, @joumajnouna on X, shows demonstrators sitting on the floor in the station. People can be heard chanting, “stop with the war crimes” and “stop bombing children.” Protesters marched en masse across London on Saturday calling for a ceasefire in Gaza. London’s Metropolitan Police said the protest drew a “very large turnout,” and that police were also contending with crowds of counter-protesters. Police said they arrested people from a group of counter-protestors “who have tried to reach the main protest march.” Assistant Police Commissioner Matt Twist said “there are a number of groups within this counter-protest who are split off and seem intent on seeking confrontation with the main Palestinian march.” Credit: Joumana Medlej via Storyful