Tree plunges through headrest in horror scene Schoolies crash

A group of teen girls celebrating Schoolies are “so lucky” to have escaped uninjured after an astounding near-miss between their car and a tree.

The young friends were exploring K’Gari, an island off the Queensland coast formerly known as Fraser Island, when a tree fell and smashed through the windscreen of their car.

It shattered the glass directly in front of the passenger seat and plunged through the headrest, somehow missing the teenager sitting there.

Hair-raising images showed the huge limb lodged into the seat and protruding out from the other side.

“There was a girl actually sitting in the passenger seat. She saw it and dodged it,” Tim Winnington, Fraser Coast Red Frogs co-ordinator, said.

“They were so lucky not to get injured.”

Volunteers from Red Frogs, a charity that sends volunteers to events including Schoolies and music festivals for education and support, waited with the teenagers until help arrived.

Madhill Motor Group, which donated the ute the Red Frogs group was travelling in, posted photos showing just how close a call the accident was.

“Thank you to the Red Frogs team for being out there,” it wrote.

“We’re so glad no one was hurt in this incredible scene.

“A great reminder to always be aware of your surroundings as freak accidents like this can happen to anyone.”

The group was treated for shock by paramedics. No one was physically injured.

A friend of the girls’ thanked Red Frogs for being first to the scene.

“They were all so lucky to walk away with no one being injured, and very lucky the Red Frogs were on scene so quickly and helped them so much, getting them a room to stay, driving their car for them, cleaning up all the glass and calming them all down in this traumatic experience,” they said.

“We are all extremely grateful that you were there.”

Originally published as Tree plunges through headrest in horror scene Schoolies crash