‘We want to build our defence industry’: Hastie welcomes govt’s defence announcement

Shadow Defence Minister Andrew Hastie has welcomed the government’s MQ-28A Ghost Bat announcement because it is a “homegrown development”, and the Coalition wants to “build our defence industry”.

Labor has announced an investment into the unmanned combat aircraft, which would see the launch of more advanced surveillance and communication functions.

They are the first military aircraft to be designed, developed and manufactured in Australia in more than half a century.

“The former Coalition government was definitely involved with bringing this on, and so we welcome this additional development, particularly because it’s a homegrown development, and we want to build our defence industry,” Mr Hastie told Sky News Australia.

“We also know that drones are a critical part of warfare going forward, and we need to have them as part of our own arsenal, but we need to go beyond just the airforce – we need drones in navy and army.”