Young boy wins $800,000 gold Prime bottle at Logan Paul’s London event

A young boy has won nearly $800,000 in solid gold at a wild event to celebrate influencers Logan Paul and KSI’s Prime energy drink.

Prime, launched just last year to incredible hype, quickly became a cult item among young kids. Chaotic scenes were filmed at stores during its first week on the market while, for a period, it was nearly impossible to get a hold of the drink.

Prime was also fairly controversial. The full-strength version, which contains almost twice Australia’s legal limit for caffeine, isn’t available in Australia, and Aussie schools rushed to ban even the non-caffeinated version due to safety concerns.

Last week, co-founders Paul and KSI stunned their millions of fans when they announced a competition to win a solid gold bar shaped to look like the iconic drink, in celebration of one billion Prime bottles sold.

Two of the gold bars were made, valued at $760,000 each. One was available in New York and the other, in London.

“The golden Prime will be encased in bulletproof glass,” the pair explained in a promo video for the event.

“To get to it you must correctly guess a six-digit code.

“Each person only has one guess and only 20 seconds to make that guess.

“If the code is not guessed correctly within 48 hours, the torches inside the case will ignite and the gold Prime bottle will be incinerated completely, worth absolutely nothing.”

On Monday, the event in London was flooded by crazed fans trying to guess the mystery number.

Time was quickly running out when a young boy, dressed in a Pinewood football jersey, stepped up and keyed in the six-digit code 954229.

Confetti canons exploded, revealing the boy had correctly guessed the number.

A video shared on Prime’s Twitter account showed the boy fist pumping the air and grinning as he gripped his incredible prize.

But the scenes were rather different in New York City.

Because the winner was crowned in London, the New York bottle was melted down.

“That’s (US)$250,000 gone, just like that,” Paul said in a clip of the bottle when it was half melted.

But it was a bit of a farce. The melting process means the gold is still fully intact and retains its material value; it’s just no longer in the shape of a Prime bottle.

Originally published as Young boy wins $800,000 gold Prime bottle at Logan Paul’s London event